L O R I   L A B E R G E


  H a n d - h o o k e d   a n d   m i x e d - m e d i a   t e x t i l e   a r t


I use traditional rug hooking techniques to create contemporary fiber art.  The combination of hard and soft materials is employed to create mixed-media works using salvaged and new metal parts, hand-dyed wool, upholstery fabric, and industrial felt.

Line, pattern, geometric abstraction and sense of place are the focus of my works. I am looking at the connections between the physical and the emotional.

My process begins with a design drawn out and transferred to a linen or monk's cloth backing material.  Fabric from bolts of wool is cut to size and placed in a dye pot to create the chosen colors for each piece.  The fabric is then cut into strips and hooked into the backing material.  

In Scotland, where I had the chance to view tapestry, embroidery and weaving works and methods.